Jean-Paul Ivan

Jean-Paul Ivan

PhD student

AASS Research Center
School of Science and Technology
Örebro University
70182 Örebro, Sweden
Room T1206
Phone +46 (0)19 30 37 11

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I am a doctoral student in computer science at Örebro University, where my current research focuses on continual learning and dataset shift: creating AI systems that can learn new tasks while preserving what they have learned in previous domains. Ideally, old information can not only be retained but generalised in new contexts to improve performance or increase learning rates.

I am also interested in robustly improving the scalability of Gaussian process models.

B. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Pretoria.
M. Sc. in Applied Mathematics, Mälardalen University.


Journal Articles

[1] A. Shenk, J. P. A. Ivan, S. Schwede and M. Odlare. Analysis of Influencing Characteristics of Biochars for Ammonium Adsorption. Applied Sciences, 12(19), 2022BibTeX | DiVA ]
[2] J. P. A. Ivan, T. Stoyanov and J. A. Stork. Online Distance Field Priors for Gaussian Process Implicit Surfaces. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 7(4):8996-9003, 2022BibTeX | DiVA ]