Welcome to the Autonomous Mobile Manipulation lab at the Center for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems (AASS) at Örebro University, Sweden.

Research Vision

At the AMM lab we strive to enable mobile robots to perform complex interaction with their environment. We perform research on perception and motion synthesis for mobility and manipulation.

Would a conversational agent be an efficient rubber duck? Would RL Hanabi agents perform well with a human teammate?
If these questions intrigue you and you’re looking for an MSc topic, have a look!


The AMM lab is hiring again! We have an opening for up to two fully-funded full-time 2-year #postdoc positions in #MachineLearning with applications to #robotics. Get in touch or apply directly here https://www.oru.se/english/working-at-orebro-university/jobs-and-vacancies/job/?jid=20210144

Interested in meta reinforcement learning, dataset shift or continual learning? We have an open #PhDposition in #MachineLearning funded by @WASP_Research. Join us and develop your research career under the guidance of Johannes A. Stork. Apply here: https://www.oru.se/english/working-at-orebro-university/jobs-and-vacancies/job/?jid=20210233

Watch Yuxuan’s presentation at #ICRA2021.
We model the dynamics of 1D deformable objects: e.g., cables, ropes, or hoses. We learn differentiable forward models and use them for shape control.
#MachineLearning #PhysicsLearning #DeformableObjectModeling

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