Data collection at Zinkgruvan mine.

Tracking and Control of Articulated Machines through Remote Sensing (TracMac)

TracMac is a 3-year Vinnova SIP STRIM project aiming at improving the reliability of state estimation technology for underground mining machines. Read more

Reinforcement Learning in Continuous Spaces with Interactively Acquired Knowledge-based Models

The purpose of this WASP-AI collaborative project is to investigate the application of classical Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to the problem of Reinforcement Learning (RL) in continuous state/action spaces. Read more

Hoses attached to the machine are highlighted.

Predictive Modeling of Hydraulic Hoses for Underground Mining (HosePredict)

HosePredict is a 6-month Vinnova SIP-STRIM pre-study project aiming at investigating modelling techniques for predicting the movements of hydraulic hoses attached to mining machines. Read more